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        1. Welcome to Shandong Huiyang Construction Equipment Co., Ltd【Official website】

          Huiyang Building basket

          HY Suspended Platform

          20 Years of Experience

          E-mail: all@hyzlp630.com

          Huiyang Building basket

          Huiyang Construction Basket· So that high-altitude operations stable as Taishan

          Compared with the traditional scaffolding, even more of its absolute advantage

          • The demand on the Quantity of equipmentThe personal required at each equipmentConstruction TimeLease CostStaff costs ($760/ person / month)Total Cost
          • Suspended Platform: Less operator, reduce labor costs; Short construction time, short lease time and rental cost savings

            800 Sets 1 person 6 months ( save 2months ) USD4,800,000 USD4,000,000 USD8,800,000

          • Traditional scaffolding: Many operators, high labor costs; The project takes a long time to increase the rental cost

            800 sets 4 persons (1 person operate, 2 persons push, 1 person assist ) 8 months USD87,300 ( $14per month ) USD20,000,000 USD20,087,300

          Compared with the Traditional Scaffolding, the rental of Suspended Platform can save USD 11,287,300

          Suspended Platform:

          Reduce the demolition and set up time, fewer operators, one person can complete 4 people’s workload of the traditional scaffolding, which is more efficient.

          Traditional Scaffolding:

          Each device requires at least 4 people and it needs to be demolished and set up at each project. The manpower, time and efficiency are greatly increased.

          Suspended Platforms:

          Driving on load, good operation stability ;good mobility ,all angles can be smoothly operated, very safe

          Traditional Scaffolding:

          The distance from scaffolding to the wall is very long, no protective measures; operation layer spacing is larger and personnel job is insecure; scaffolding floor, scaffold free lap joint and butt, which have big risk of collapse

          Suspended Platforms:

          Equipped with advanced operating system ,the driving platform can be moved.

          Traditional Scaffolding:

          Operation and promotion are very troublesome, operation site needs to be demolished and rebuilt to transfer.

          Huiyang Suspended Platform Cooperation Process

          Huiyang Cooperation process


          Focus on · Huiyang Suspended Platform

          Focusing on the huiyang

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